Main Dishes – Breakfast & Brunch

Eggs 11
Two eggs , herbs rösti, green beans with sun dried tomatoes, local bread toast with house jam, one choice of bacon, sausage, rustic ham or aged Isle-aux-Grues cheddar.

Chia pudding 12
Chia, almond milk, raw shelled hemp seeds, banana, grilled coconut, grilled sunflower seeds & berries.

Smoothie Bol 12
Chef’s inspiration with fruits and/or vegetables, proteins, house granola and garnish.

Crepes 12
Whole wheat coffee crepe, chocolate hazelnut spread, caramelized bananas, greek yogourt, banana caramel, roasted hazelnuts, berries.

Fruits & zucchini cake 14
Lots of fruits, greek yogourt, house granola , local honey and toasted zucchini bread.

«Pain perdu» 14
Our french toasts with maple syrup, fruits, herbs rostï, choice of bacon, sausage, rustic ham or aged Isle-aux-Grues cheddar.

Healthy Brunch 13
Local bread toast, arugula pesto, fresh arugula, poached egg, parmesan cheese with fruit bowl and aged Isle-aux-Grues cheddar.

Benedicts «Le Pleasant way» 13
Two poached eggs, spinach, rustic ham, on a buttermilk biscuit with caramelized onions sauce and rösti.

Frittata 14
Three eggs, Scotstown’s charcuteries, potatoes, green oignons, aged Isle-aux-Grues cheddar,green salad and toasted baguette.

Casserole 15
Sliced potatoes, braised beef cheek, caramelized onions sauce, aged Isle-aux-Grues cheddar, poached egg, toasted baguette.


Crepes 5
Two crepes, banana, berries, banana caramel, maple syrup

Egg 7
One egg, rostï, choice of bacon, cheese, sausage or ham, toast, homemade jam


«De luxe» grilled cheese 11
Scotstown’s charcuteries, aged cheddar, olives tapenade, sundried tomatoes and fresh basil, on local bread, served with green or chef’s salad.

Mixed antipasti 20
Scotstown’s chorizo and capicollo, Charlevoix’s Fleurmier & Hercule cheeses, french pickles and olives, chef’s salad, baguette.

Asian Salad 15
Quinoa, avocado, cucumbre, carot, edamame, pinapple, tomato, cashews, seeds, coriandre, ginger vinaigrette.

Mediterranean or »med» salad 16
Townships cherry tomatoes, sheep feta, marinated artichokes and eggplant, olive tapenade, olives, green salad and baguette.

Italian salad 17
Townships cherry tomatoes, green beans, pesto, Saint-Charles-sur-Richelieu mozarella di Buffala, green salad and baguette.

Niçoise salad 18
Tuna tataki, green beans, marinated grilled red peppers, baby potatoes, fennel, marinated egg, olive tapenade, and baguette.