With sanitary and other appropriate measures

Le Pleasant is delighted to welcome you again

We are delighted to welcome you at Le Pleasant.

Of course, given the Covid-19 pandemic that affects us all, you should expect some changes.

Various health measures and guidelines have been established to ensure your safety as well as our employees safety.

  • Health measures
  • Reservations and cancellation policy
  • Maintenance and access to rooms
  • Priority for hotel customers at the Café. Access for outside customers is with reservations only, upon availability.

Everything has been put in place to ensure a highly secure stay. For your benefit, some services will now be exclusive. Le Pleasant then becomes your small private mansion in Sutton.

We are confident that the experience we have to offer will meet your expectations.

  • Reservations

    • Two nights stays are privileged, allowing for proper cleaning.
    • Third night at reduced rates for specific periods.
    • Flexible cancellation policy
    • Limited types of packages
  • Health measures

    • Public health and CSST health guidelines are applied and our employee are trained accordingly
    • Disinfection stations at the entrance and in common areas
    • Installation of plexiglas screens at reception and at the bar
    • Protective masks and screens worn by our staff as soon as necessary
  • Service and maintenance

    • Compliance with the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation for the maintenance and cleaning of rooms
    • The room refresh service is temporarily abolished
    • A basket of clean effects will be provided to you each day
    • Staff do not access rooms during your stay – unless emergency or exceptional need
    • The frequency of cleaning and disinfection of common areas and increased
  • Priority at the café

    • Priority is given to hotel customers at the café. Access to outside customers is with reservations only.
    • The layout of the tables complies with the social distancing regulations
    • Each room has a table reserved at the café.
    • New breakfast formula with “table d’hôte” and specialty coffee included
    • New apero formula to enjoy drinks and bites at the café.