Le Pleasant offers you SAMPAR Paris

Le Pleasant now offers you SAMPAR Paris amenities to enhance your stay. Because pleasure is in the details !

SAMPAR, Smart Skin in the City *

Smart Skin

The skin is an intelligent organ, capable of adapting to its environment. However, intelligence has its limits. Age and repeated external aggressions weaken its ability to rebound. The skin becomes sensitive, dull, marked and unbalanced. The SAMPAR mission is to reset the skin’s intelligent response system and to support its natural healing actions.

Smart Ingredients

With products enriched in the brand’s exclusive complex, Urban Advance, its innovative formulas act at the heart of cells to “wake-up”and reactivate the skin’s vital functions. Present in all SAMPAR product lines, Urban Advance:

Shea butter serum protects the skin,

Probiotic sugar revitalizes the skin,

Mint Endorphin soothes the skin.

As a result, the skin recovers a state of equilibrium, which in turn allows care efficacy to be optimized and leads SAMPAR active ingredients to higher levels of performance.


* Information obtained from http://www.sampar.com/en/concept