Christmas & New Year’s eve Menus !

This year during the holidays, Le Pleasant welcomes you to its restaurant on Wednesdays December 24th and 31st, in addition to its regular schedule from Thursday to Sunday. Fixed menus are proposed for December 24th, 25th and 31st, while we return to our regular menus the other nights. As of 6pm, reservations required.

Here are the menus prepared by our chef:


Traditional Holiday Menu … revisited
5 services, December 24th & 25, 40$ (children 25$*)

Meat Pie
Imperial roll way, house condiments

Pea soup
Pork flanc

Trou normand

Traditional Duo
“Cipate”and fruits ketchup, Turkey Ballotine, cranberry sauce

Buchette de Noël

* same menu with the exception of the “trou normand”, child servings.

 New Year’s Eve Menu, 7 services (6pm or 9pm)

December 31st, 75$ (children 35$**)

Duck prosciutto
Melon garnish

Lobster consommé
Wild mushrooms flanc

Pressed foie gras
cocoa, fortified wine jelly and brioche

Trou normand

Pork filet
Spice crusted, wine sauce, buttered cabbage

Goat cheese espuma
stewed plums, tarragon crumble

salted caramel, vanilla ice cream, hazelnut tile

** prosciutto, consommé, pork filet & brownie, children serving.